Large and abundant avenues quipped with essentials, customizable decor for corporate, social & grand occasions. Almeida offers halls & spaces with a capacity of up to 800 guests and 9000+ sq. ft. area.

Banquets can be held for a variety of reasons, such as weddings, awards ceremonies, or fundraising events. They often involve a formal dress code and may include entertainment, such as music, dancing, or speeches. Conventions, on the other hand, are typically held for business purposes, such as to discuss industry trends, showcase new products, or network with other professionals. They can range in size from small gatherings of a few dozen people to large events with thousands of attendees.

Both banquets and conventions require careful planning and organization to ensure that they run smoothly and meet the needs of attendees. This can include selecting an appropriate venue, arranging for catering and other services, and coordinating logistics such as transportation and accommodations.

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